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Nov 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
an admirable job. >> now, you also have senator susan collins accuse susan rice of taking a political role when she went on those sunday shows you just referred to. but why did anyone accuse condoleeza rice of being political in 2004 when she appeared on abc one month before the 2004 election and in that appearance she called bush a strong leader and she was appearing as the national security adviser. all over the place they are using different standards which clearly goes back to your point of, this is politics. this clearly can't be positions that they believe are practiced. >> that's right. and reverend, a urk .n. ambassa, secretary of state, they don't get into domestic politics. but when there's an extra nation on foreign policy to the american people, they do go on news shows. i used to go on news shows. susan rice has been on other news shows besides those five. they are the chief foreign policy spokesman for theed a handwriting. to suggest not to go on news shows because that's political is just not part of precedent and it's wrong. i think senator collins is -- i kn
Nov 26, 2012 3:00pm PST
meet with republican senator susan collins. but forget the facts that make this a no scandal. fox news just keeps its drumbeat going. for the past three months is on an never ending loop. they talk about coverups, what did susan rice know and when did they know it was terror. but today the truth came out. listen to what tom ricks, the defense expert and pulitzer price winner -- listen to what he has had to say. >> senator mccain says he would block any chance to nominate susan rice to become secretary of state. she's currently the u.n. ambassador. he seems to be backing away from that. what do you think? >> i think benghazi was hyped by this network especially and now that the campaign is over i think he's backing off a little bit. they are not going to stop susan rice from being secretary of state. >> benghazi was hyped, especially by the network, but it doesn't stop there. >> you have four people dead including the first u.n. ambassador. >> i see this focus on a small fire fight. i've covered a lot of fire fights. it's impossible to figure out what happens. second, i think that the e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2